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2018 / 01 / 29

Antari 2018 Product Guide is released.

It can be viewed and downloaded on-line at


2017 / 12 / 04


Easy Use, Easy Go !

FT-20 is a battery-operated portable fog machine, capable of providing long time operations with massive fog output.  



•  Two power supplying modes available: DC 12 volt battery or switching power adaptor, which enables the machine to be operated in AC power environment.  (between AC 100 and 240 volt) 

2017 / 01 / 24


2017 Antari Product Guide / Rainbow Eucalyptus

Download (PDF):


2015 / 07 / 02

For the past 30 years, Antari fog machines have presented in numberless international large scale events, and satisfied most of the high standard professional user’s demands in machine stability and effects.


Now, the new challenge to meet the new trend of fog machine for business purpose, Antari has developed a new Z-380 model. The design of this new fog machine bases on previous models for professional users, but practically in a broader application for general business purposes. 

Z-380 features 1,500W capacity, big output yet smart, solid and compact design in appearance, easy operation, handy and user friendly, clean fog, fast proliferation, not interrupting other present equipment, and comes with a convenient hanger.

2015 / 04 / 21

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