The mechanical design of M-4 is simply perfect for transporting as the fluid tank is kept in the separate compartment inside the machine. 


Built-in wireless DMX make it complete wire free to save the hassle of cables. With the update auto sensing frequency  enables the machine to automatically adjust its frequency to give best performance. 




1. Optional W-DMX or Wireless Remote available
2. New structure design for multiple angle rigging
3. Auto sense frequency
4. Fluid tank compartment for ease of transportation
5. Solid sturdy structure of machine body convenient for transportation
6. Huge output volume
7. Great fit for any renting purposes

» Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt

                  Europe version : 230 Volt

                  U.K. version : 240 Volt

                  Japan version : 100 Volt

» Breaker:AC-120V, 15A/250V AC-230V, 7A/250V

» Power Consumption:1,500W

» Output:Height 5 Meters, Width 1 Meter

» Initial Heat-Up Time:5 mins

» Fluid Consumption Rate:150 ml/ min

» Tank Capacity:2.4 liters

» Control Options:On-board Control Panel 

                               W-1 Wireless Remote ,DMX , W-DMX

» Weight:11 Kg

» Dimensions (mm):L 345  W 193  H385.7

» Liquid Used:Antari FLC water-based Fluid

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