This brand-new IP-1000 has been a break through from the past models that are only limited in indoor usage. 1000W fog machine featuring a sleek stainless exterior that renders this powerful fog machine impervious to both dust and water spray.
This new IP-63 rated model represents both a technical and aesthetic advancement, melding an appealing fresh form and groundbreaking practical functionality in a new unit suitable for a wide range of club, installation, retail and leisure applications and beyond. Combining the solid performance for which Antari fog machines are known with leading edge enhancements, the IP-1000 spray-proof fog machine is an exciting addition to the Antari line.   
●  Stainless steel case makes it perfect for operating in outdoor with damp condition.
●  Typical Antari quality heat exchanger generates pure and dry fog. 
 ● To give you the flexibility of installation and maximize the duration of continuous operation, IP-1000 does not come with an attached fog fluid tank. With a 10 meter long fog fluid tube coming along with IP-1000, you can deploy your fluid tank at any place where is most convenient for you. You can also use a huge fog fluid tank (not included with the original package) to enable your expected continues operation time.    
- Voltage

- Power Consumption
- Warm up Time
- Fluid Consumption
- Fluid

- Output
- Control
- Accessories Included
- Dimension
- Weight
AC 100-120V 50 / 60Hz  8.9A
AC 220-240V 50 / 60Hz  4.7A
1,070 W
11.5 minutes (approx.)
90 ml / min (100% output)
Antari FLG Heavy Fog Fluid
Antari FLR Light Fog Fluid
15,000 cu.ft/min
Volume Mode
IP-10 Cable Remote
L 355 W 249 H 202.7 mm
8.8 kg
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