This versatile X-310PRO Fazer is the evolution of a fog machine and a haze machine. The Fazer has the best features of both machines without compromises. The X-310PRO boasts a fine, dry haze effect near perfection for lighting.


The X-310PRO is equipped with a range of sophisticated features which include a high precision PCB design; aluminum cast heater, a silent heavy-duty pump and controllable twin fans. Precise fan control is achieved by 3 adjustable levels with DMX on-board. DMX connection can be worked by either 3 or 5 pin connector. Silence is golden in some particular environment thus X-310PRO is equipped with the quietest pump allowing for virtually silent operation, making the machine ideal for use at noise-sensitive events.


A perfect haze of fine particles is easily achieved with minimal residue, ensuring long-term reliability of those sensitive lighting equipments. No doubt X-310PRO has become the machine of choice for stage and studio professionals worldwide.


» Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt

                  Europe version : 230 Volt

                  U.K. version : 240 Volt

                  Japan version : 100 Volt

» Heater : 1,000 W

» Output : 3,500 cu.ft / min

» First Heat-up Time : 10 min

» Fluid Consumption Rate : 45 min / liter (100% Output) , 120 min / liter (30% Output)

» Tank Capacity : 2.4 liter

» Low Fluid Indicator : Blue LED

» Remote Included : X-10PRO Control Module

» Optional Remotes : X-30PRO Wireless Control Module

» Optional Accessories : FX-310 Flight Case

» Weight : 18 Kg

» Dimensions (mm) : L 635 W 275 H 281

» DMX : On board

» Wireless DMX is optional for X-310PRO

» DMX Channel Occupied : 2 Channels (one for fog output;one for fan output)

» Liquid Used : Antari FLG Liquid

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