The M-1 Mobile Fog Machine is specially designed for applications on site where mobility is crucial. Utilization of M-1 is commonly seen in photograph shooting, film making, theatrical and industrial testing locations. For its compact size and light weight (1.8 kg), this mobile fogger can be discretely placed on props, inside sets, or handheld.


As implied by its name, the mobile fogger’s main characteristic is its mobility. The unit operates on a compact 12V DC rechargeable battery and is very easy to carry and operate without any warm-up time. 


The M-1 can also operate with corded dummy battery. To increase the machine’s versatility, timer and wireless remotes are available as optional.

- Input voltage

- Rated power
- Warm-up time
- Fluid consumption 
- Fluid tank capacity
- Compatible fluid
- Ambient temp. range
- Control

- Optional accessories 

- Dimension 

- Weight
DC 12V (Battery)
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Battery charger)
1 second (approx.) 
2 ml/min
110 ml (0.03 gallon)
Antari FLM Fog Fluid
0 °C - 40 °C (32 °F-104 °F)
Timer (Optional)
Wireless (Optional)
DCP-12 Power Adaptor and Dummy Battery
MCT-1 Cable Timer Remote
MCR-1 Wireless Remote
L227 W66 H112 mm
(L8.94 W2.60 H4.41 inch)
1.8 kg (3.97 lbs)
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