B-100 / B-100X Bubble Machine


This handy party gizmo is equipped with “Double Bubble Wheel” designed to produce steady, continuous stream of bubbles.

B-100’s frontal outlet directs a high output of bubbles up in to the air while simultaneously recycling liquid and eliminating dripping. The durable motor is set in a robust casing, capable of continuous operation. Easy refills and the included hanging bracket makes B-100 a simple to operate and versatile machine.


Input voltage US model : AC 100-120V, 50/60HZ 0.25A
EU model : AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 0.13A
Rated power 120V 30W
240V 32W
Fluid consumption 8.3 ml/min
Fluid tank capacity 0.7 Liters (0.18 gallon)
Compatible fluid Antari BL Bubble Fluid
Operating time 1.4 hrs at max. output
Ambient temp.range 5°C – 40°C (41°F – 104°F)
Control Manual
Timer (Optional)
Wireless (Optional)
Optional accessories Z-10 Cable Remote (B-100X)
BCT-1 Timer Remote (B-100X)
BCR-1 Wireless Remote (B-100X)
Dimension L 341 W 170 H 217 mm
(L 13.43 W 6.69 H 8.54 inch)
Weight 4.2 kg ( 9.26 lbs )



  Z-10 Cable Remote (only for model B-100X)

  BCT-1 Cable Timer Remote (only for model B-100X)

  BCR-1 Wireless Remote (only for model B-100X)


BL Bubble Fluid