SCN-600 香氛機


Always known for building great fog machines, Antari continues its expansion into specialized special effects with the introduction of the SCN-600 Scent Machine.

The SCN-600 is Antari’s first scent machine and features a built-in timer and on board DMX-512 compatibility.  Antari has always been known as a master of fog machine technology and now brings the same commitment of quality and reliability to the SCN-600 Scent Machine.

The SCN-600 has an integrated universal power supply and an optional hanging bracket is available. Most importantly the SCN-600 can deliver 3ml of scent per a minute making it perfect for use in 4D theaters, theme parks, on stage, as well as endless commercial applications. 


電壓 AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
額定功率 7 瓦
輸出量 3 毫升 / 小時
油桶容量 150 毫升
DMX 頻道 佔用 1 頻道
SCN-600-HB 吊架
尺寸 長 267 x 寬 115 x 高 222 公釐
(長 10.5 寬 4.52 高 8.74 英吋)
重量 3.2 公斤 (7.05 磅)





 SCN-600-HB 吊架

 SCN-600-HB 吊架安裝於機器示意圖